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On the other hand, a strong spray of water from a garden hose will likewise eliminate aphids. Cygon is a systemic insecticide. ; reported injury to plants has not been proven out. Dragon Cygon 2E Systemic Insecticide: Start Printed Page 11332: Value Gardens Supply, LLC: 769-948: Pratt Cygon 2-E Systemic Insecticide: Uniroyal Chemical Company Inc. 400-278: De-Fend E267 Dimethoate Systemic Insecticide: Southern Agricultural Insecticides, 829-251: SA-50 Brand Cygon 2 E Dimethoate Inc. dimethyl S-(N-methylcarbamoylmethyl) phosphorodithioatej .. CYGON 480 EC SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE controls houseflies for up to 6 weeks. For a complete list, see the Distributor Names list at the bottom of the page. Product Name: ALLPRO CYGON 2E SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE EPA Registration Number: 769-948 Use: Agricultural Type: Insecticide Status: Not Registered ‡ Toxicity This item: Safari 20SG Systemic Insecticide with Dinotefuran $424.40. Caller sprayed the Wilson Cygon 2E on his tree 3 times starting about 31 days ago. Good sanitation is an essential part of any effective fly control program. Not labeled for use on orchids, some growers have reported severe phytotoxicity after It works by moving into the plants vascular system and invading all the plant cells. 34704-207 3 Dimethoate is known to leach through soil into ground water under certain conditions as a result of label use. Shovel into a metal container for disposal. It is also considerably cheaper than Cygon 2E, or any other chemical pesticide. For proper timing of treatment for the control of specific pests on ornamental plants, consult your State Agricultural In Stock. Note - … Do not over-dose or over-spray. Related Inventory. Cygon 480 EC controls several insects, including grasshoppers, aphids, lygus bugs, leafhoppers and spider mites. Don't apply to ferns or palms. Being an occupational health and safety professional, I could no longer stand by and see my friends on the IRIS-L wondering about the hazardous effects of Cygon 2E insecticide. Insects that feed off the plant ingest the chemical through plant saps and die. Cygon 2-E - chemical information, properties, structures, articles, patents and more chemical data. HOUSE FLY CONTROL: CYGON 480 E controls hose flies for up to 6 weeks. For sour cherries, do not apply Cygon or Lagon more than twice per season. Pentra-Bark Penetrating Surfactant (16oz/Pint) $30.99. The application of the product Cygon 2E will prevent infestations of many insects that feed on the juices and foliage of trees and shrubs if applied once in the spring, and once more in the summer. Dimethoate 400 is an organophosphate systemic insecticide/miticide for use on fruit and citrus trees, vineyards, nonbearing and nursery stock, commercial pecan production, certain commercial vegetable crops, certain field and seed crops and ornamental plants grown in nurseries only. A pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for: preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest. This is a systemic insecticide, which means that it is absorbed into the plants vascular system and spread throughout the plant. Apply the second spray 21 days after the first. Molt-X® Active Ingredient: Azadirachtin An organic bioinsecticide (botanical insecticide - emulsifiable concentrate) Registered for use in: USA, except AK and DC Available Sizes: 1 pt, 1 qt and 1 gal REI: 4-hour PHI: 0-day • • • • • • • • • • RESOURCES Buy the selected items together. For a complete list, see the Distributor Names list at the bottom of the page. Cygon is registered on several flowering plants, ornamental shrubs, trees, vegetables, fruit and field crops. TREE-äge® insecticide has been proven in independent studies to be very effective against Emerald Ash Borer. 01/12/2019, 15:23 #1. Cygon 2E is an insecticide which along with the other "cides" is a pesticide. Product Name: Hi-Yield(R) Cygon 2E ID Number: Page: 2 SECTION 7 - SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN CASE MATERIAL IS LEAKED OR SPILLED Absorb spill with clay or sawdust. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Clean-up of spill may require personal protective equipment to prevent inhalation and eye or skin contact. This item has been discontinued. Ships from and sold by TheLandscapersStore. Cygon can even be painted onto the bark of a tree and it will … Wilson 50% Malathion Concentrate is a popular, versatile broad-spectrum insecticide/miticide Use on flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs and trees Superway Dimethoate 300 Systemic Insecticide. in one gallon of water, or, 1 quart in 100 gallons of water; or, 2 ttpg. A very important application is a post harvest spray of Admire or Alias (if either only used once before), Cygon or Lagon to prevent late-emerging fruit flies breeding in … dimethyl S-(N-methylcarbamoylmethyl) phosphorodithioatej .. Sold by VivaGrow and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Product Name on Label: Cygon 2e The EPA Registered Name for this product is: Agway cygon 2-e systemic insecticide This occurs when a single registered product is sold using many different names. In a message dated 97-03-07 08:19:22 EST, you write: << Finally made it to the local family-owned gardening center yesterday to purchase Cygon 2E. … Cygon® 480 EC. I was told by the owners that it will no longer be available for them to sell. Cygon has been outlawed in the US for a number of years. Male: GH, NKDA, NOPPI Female: HX: Cancer, Removed Spleen, Allergies: Foods, NOPPIR. Lawns, landscaped areas, golf courses, commercial grounds, parks, and other non-cropland areas such as airports, roadsides, cemeteries, commercial grounds, parks, school grounds, picnic grounds, athletic fields and other recreational areas, and as well, on grounds surrounding poultry houses (excluding runs and ranges) or corrals and other animal holding areas. Make adequate sprays when pests appear or when damage is first observed. Cygon 2E Comments; CYGON 2E: As a Regular Spray Use 3 tpg spray when temperature is below 70 Deg F. for control of scale and mealybug. Buy yang for 2E. F. Don't apply within 30 days of using sulfur or mix with fungicide, copper or Captan. DIMETHOATE 400 EPA REG. NO. Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc. is a distributor of pesticides, fertilizers, potting soils, and horticultural supplies with locations in Florida and North Carolina. Product Name on Label: Global cygon 2e The EPA Registered Name for this product is: Alco cygon 2 e This occurs when a single registered product is sold using many different names. So, I went searching for the Manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) hoping to find some definitive information on the hazardous properties of this chemical. >> Search results for: CYGON 2E-16 OZ NSN Search Results National Stock Number (NSN) Description 6840-21-863-4893, 6840218634893 INSECTICIDE,DIMETHO 1 . Same active constituent as Rogor and Amgrow Insect and Mite but 3 times the strength. It will do so instantly, without a need for protective clothing or a respirator. When I used it's active ingredient commercially we had to mark the places where it was applied with keep out signs for two weeks so if you can not touch the plant for 14 days I doubt to you can eat it. Answer: We are not sure where you can purchase Cygon 2E. Riaxx Good sanitation is an essential part of any effective fly control program. Both the caller and his wife are experiencing stomach pains, and a white coating on tongue. Repeat applications should be made when necessary. Cygon 480 EC is a systemic insecticide containing dimethoate. Discussion on Buy yang for 2E within the Metin2 Trading forum part of the MMORPG Trading category. Yes – Cygon 2E will kill aphids. Packaging: 2 x 10 L jugs per case Re-entry Period: 12 hours (unless otherwise indicated on label) Application information: Cygon 480-Ag insecticide can be used on a wide variety of crops, and for a wide range of pests.Consult product guide for crop and target-pest specifications.

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