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Some wines from this variety may be simple cafe styles for everyday drinking but carefully made Mencia from low yielding vines matches it with the best from the classic varieties. Mencia (men-SEE-ah*) probably originated in Bierzo, Spain, in the province of Leon in the northern inland region of Castile (Castilla y Leon) where it is now mainly grown. X. Mencia has only been in Australia for a few years. Buy Olivers Taranga Mencia 2016 online to earn qantas points. By Peter Dry, Emeritus Fellow, The Australian Wine Research Institute. Berries are medium-large, somewhat similar to Tempranillo, with very thick skins. In Australia, there are at least four wine producers (in SA and Victoria) and 4ha planted in SA (McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills). Mencía, known as Jaen in Portugal, is a Spanish grape variety primarily found in the northwestern part of the country. The grapes are painstakingly harvested and hand sorted by Valdesil's experienced vineyard team. In the Castile region, Mencia is regarded as a variety with good potential and diverse possibilities for winemaking, either for carbonic maceration wines or for those capable of ageing. His delicacy and qualities expand the range of flavors that are usually offered with Spanish wines. It is also found in two other zones in the Galicia region, Ribera Sacra and Valdeorras. Mencía only grows in North East Spain. From the Revenir vineyard at Lenswood, which had a first Mencia crop in 2015. This posed some challenges with irrigation of the block. The vines grew with medium vigour. Vinodiversity may be able to answer your alternative varietal wine question. Our rose has a lovely savoury character together with a watermelon rind note that seems to be typical year in and year out. The shoot length is not excessive, however, and this results in significant clumping of fruit. 100% Mencia, sourced from old vines grown on the left bank of the river Sil. Mencia is a medium to high- bodied wine. The soils on this block consist of a shallow red-brown loam over ironstone and limestone which have a typically low water-holding capacity and low vigour. Although Mencia is the last wine on the list of varieties on this poster it is the best known of the Galician varieties listed. We have been spur pruning and will continue to do so. It is also used in blends. Read the latest expert reviews. In particular in the DOC regions of Bierzo, Ribiera Sacra and Valdeorras. Just ask! So, we decided to give it a crack and take ourselves on a big learning curve. It’s intense on both the nose and palate, but sitting firmly in medium-bodied territory. The list below shows that this exciting variety is gaining a foothold in Australia. By Corrina Wright, Director and Winemaker, Oliver’s Taranga, McLaren Vale, South Australia, First published in the March/April 2018 issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal, Sometime in 2010 I had an interesting phone call from Nick Dry, Yalumba Nursery manager. Upper Goulburn a is cool climate wine region in Victorias Central Highlands. Overall, I am very glad that Nick made the phone call. It makes up almost 40% of the total planted area of both Leon and Asturias. For most wine lovers out there, Mencía remains a unique and beautiful fine wine available at a (usually) very reasonable price. For decades Mencia was known only by a few locals. A few influential journos wrote the variety up and the electronic world lit up full of praise. This La Linea Mencia 2018 is a step in the right direction, even if it’s not there yet. Cargo Road Wines in the Orange NSW region is a Site Sponsor of Vinodiversity, Hahndorf Hill Winery in the Adelaide Hills is a Site Sponsor of Vinodiversity, Collins and Co make wine from a range of alternative varieties including Arneis, Fiano, Malbec and Nero d'Avola, Milton Wordley Wine Photographer and Blogger at People of Wine. If you continue to browse, we'll consider you're accepting our … (function(){var cx='partner-pub-8426282890067191:8565035678';var gcse=document.createElement('script');gcse.type='text/javascript';gcse.async=true;gcse.src=''+cx;var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse,s);})(); My expectations are now more modest, but I still come across a few great Mencia wines from Spain and Portugal now a few from Australia. The rose has been a very popular addition to our range, possibly due to the fact that the demand for dry rose has skyrocketed over the last few years and consumers are not fussed by what variety the rose is made from as long as it is delicious. Focusing on high quality red wine, white wine, ... Central Victoria, Australia (XD) - $17.95 Screw cap. A WINE FOR ALL SEASONS: THIS 92-POINT SPANISH MENCÍA IS OUR WINE OF THE WEEK! The global area in 2010 was 10,658ha: 77% in Spain and 22% in Portugal. I am looking to continue that style in 2018, which is currently bubbling away on skins. See this Iberian wine map to learn about Spanish wine regions. Truth was, I did indeed have an interest in Mencia. The bunches of Mencia are relatively large and very tightly packed. See the range here and order online. Mencia veraison is similar in timing to Tempranillo, which is usually the earliest red variety to turn on our vineyard, sometimes as early as late December. We use cookies, both own and third parties, to provide our services. The alcohol level also ranges from medium to high. Join now to take advantage of our experience! . At its best Mencia can be heaven in a glass. It is usually harvested relatively early as well, mid to late February being typical. You'll love buying wine. Garganega, best known for its role in Italy's Soave wines, is also used in Australia. Discover and share your wine reviews with the Uviner community. Sort by: Best selling. You can use this space to promote your winery or wine based business.See this page for details, Mencia wine with What Varietal is That Book. Most of the wine was unremarkable red or rose wines, consumed locally. Qantas Wine is passionate about Red Wine. Five Italian red wines now used in Australia. King Valley Wine Region in North east Victoria, wineries and alternative varieties, Chimichurri sauce a favourite side to Asado - Argentinian style BBQ. However, crop load is a different matter. Bi-weekly LCBO wine picks from VINTAGES magazine and wine reviews. The best cheese pairings for this fruity red wine are Queso Iberico, Manchego, Monterey Jack and white cheddar. Mencía Wines at Drinks&Co. Bierzo, Valdeorras, and Ribeira Sacra are the three most renowned appellations for the grape. By Peter Dry, Emeritus Fellow, The Australian Wine Research Institute. Check out the Special offer for this six pack of Clare Valley Alternatives, Mencia is a red wine variety from the north western corner of Spain. Wanting to capitalise on the wonderful floral aromas, I have been using carbonic maceration for two to three days, then pressing off and fermenting as a white. It has medium to high amount of tannin as well as acidity. Maybe this is due to the fact that Mencia doesn’t have a huge canopy to support. It interested me as a possible red wine option for our McLaren Vale vineyard that would be somewhere between Shiraz and Pinot in weight, with a more floral lift. Medium to heavier bodied wine styles can vary from tannic oaky wines to softer, smooth styles, with strong berry fruit and herbal, savoury, gamey flavours. Well, we just have had some come out of quarantine and don’t have anywhere to plant them out. Want to see your favorites in the list? Girls just wanna have fun - and make Rosé. This wine has a firm medium body, intense core of red and dark berries and a warm lick of quality French oak to finish - incense, plums and herbaceous crunch. Bunches are medium and well-filled-to-compact with medium berries. The red color of this wine is due to anthocyanin (pigment of the wine). Picnic wine done good. Community wine reviews and ratings on 2019 CRFT Wines Mencía, plus professional notes, label images, wine details, and recommendations on when to drink. Although not deeply coloured, it has good potential for high quality wines. Really wines from Mencia is in Spain one of the good news in the wine world. Mencia doesn’t seem to be a particularly water hungry variety. In terms of winemaking, we have been making a dry rose from Mencia since 2014. Semana Vinicola Magazine. Buy fine Mencia wines from online at Bunches are susceptible to bunch rot. In my case the first Mencia I tried, from Bierzo, was an absolute stunner of a wine. Antonio Casado BACKGROUND. Keep me in the loop on latest news, special offers, tastings and events! In this case, A Portela comes from Valdeorras, which is one of the most inland wine regions of Galicia. Mencia is a red-wine grape native to the northwest of Spain. They have typically short node lengths and didn’t exactly jump out of their socks vegetatively. We have noticed that each bud tends to have multiple shoots from it, usually three or four, and each one fruits quite strongly with two large bunches at least. The high acidity will allow this to cellar beautifully. In 2016, we made a ‘joven’ style, which was delicious, slurpy and had all the vibrant florals. ... We're on a mission to drastically increase the accessibility of good wine across Australia. Mencia is a dry, red wine that possess characters such as raspberry, red currant, boysenberry, pomegranate, black licorice, spice cake, black pepper, Asian spice and crushed gravel. Find out and share your wine reviews with the Uviner community. You can see the full results below in Wine Australia’s pie chart. See Aussie wineries using it. Our list of wines originating from Australia, and with varieties of Mencia, and with selections of Classic Whites and Classic Fizz We are an independent wine merchant established since 2005, based in South East Kent with our retail warehouse located in Sandwich. Try it with beef brisket and corned beef, but also with game meats, roasted pork, duck, a charcuterie board or chicken fajitas. Just a few people knew that in the right conditions it could make superb wine. It had to be irrigated as one block, but really needed to be three separate small blocks to be ideal. Berry acidity is only moderate. Spur pruning is used in Australia. Make sure you rate them and check the list every week. View Profile » … Carmenere is from Bordeaux but made its name in Chile. It is most commonly associated with the red wines of Bierzo, which were once light and astringent but, since the discovery of low-yielding vin ... Stores and prices for 'Dell'uva Wines Mencia, Barossa' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Mencia is a red wine variety from the north western corner of Spain. Reviews. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products. Try Mencia with anything from a simple dish of roasted Mediterranean vegetables to rich stews and braises, maybe oxtail or lamb shanks. Our experience on our very low vigour, low water-holding block shows it needs a little bit more than Shiraz, but less than Tempranillo. Some styles remain light and fruit-dominant while the more serious versions, aged … It is also found in two other zones in the Galicia region, Ribera Sacra and Valdeorras. Mencia Wine Mencia is a red-wine grape native to the northwest of Spain . A handful of Australian wineries are now producing Mencia. The first vintage of Mencia grapes at Bassham Wines, Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz, A particularly apt description of the Mencia grape variety, See this Iberian wine map to learn about Spanish wine regions, Upper Goulburn Wine Region in Central Victoria. While bunches are very tightly packed, the skin of the berries is quite thick, plus our region doesn’t generally have a very high botrytis pressure. Mencía is the primary grape of the Bierzo region and its undisputed star, covering nearly two-thirds of the vineyards. Mencía, the prominent grape from the Bierzo DO in northwestern Spain, typically produces medium-bodied wines, with bright acidity that helps keep grippy tannins in check. It deserves to be better known. Search our inventory to find the best mencia at the best prices. We use cookies, both own and third parties, to provide our services. Most wines produced from Mencía have traditionally been light, pale, relatively fragrant red wines for early consumption. A unique wine produced with the rare Mencia grape (pronounced Men-THEE-ah). For more food suggestions see Evan Goldstein's Daring Pairing's Book. I relate it to watermelon just as it is starting to go off, mixed in with loads of floral, red berry and blackberry characters as well. Abadia Da Cova Mencía (Adegas Moure) Drinks&Co - Buy wine. Mencía Wines at Drinks&Co. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); I promise not to abuse your inbox. We didn’t have any altitude to speak of, but our soil is mineral heavy, albeit with ironstone instead of schist. ... the majority being Mencia … Look for red fruit flavours, with a herbal bouquet aromas and earthy, spicy even smoke undertones. Mondeuse red wine variety description and producers in Australia, Tannat Red Wine Variety, description, health benefits and producers in Australia, Mystique is a CSIRO bred red wine grape variety, Get your copy ofDe Long's Wine Grape Varietal Table, Wine Grapes by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz. Its packed with flavour: violets, cherries and blackberries, bright and zesty. I have only used older French oak hogsheads for ageing, looking to preserve the lovely aromatics of the variety in the wine, rather than have any oak flavour as such. It went something along the lines of, “I hear that you have an interest in Mencia?

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