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Glas is, as its name would suggest, a see-through panel that is touch sensitive and displays text and graphics like a tablet. The GLAS system will work with a Windows Phone device. And, at 5.5 x 5 inches for the entire setup, the Glas is much larger than the 3.3-inch diameter Nest and the 4 x 4-inch Ecobee thermostats. By the end of this year, or the beginning of next year, Microsoft will launch GLAS. The GLAS smart thermostat by Johnson Controls is the perfect blend of form and function. The whole process took less than an hour for both, and included getting Cortana and Alexa up and running. The GLAS is the first smart thermostat we’ve tested with an integrated Cortana speaker. At $218, it’s priced just under the Nest Smart Thermostat , and comes with a number of features that the Ecobee4 and the Nest Learning Thermostat don’t have — Cortana compatibility, a see-through design and air quality readings. GLAS, powered by Windows 10 IoT Core, is more than just a smart thermostat. And just like Nest before it, GLAS manufacturer Johnson Controls has taken an approach no other thermostat maker has to date: It has embraced Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant. Since then, the software titan seems to have put the brakes on developing new features for its voice service. It's the very first Microsoft's cortana powered thermostat GLAS was released in 24th August, 2018. The GLAS thermostat immediately turns heads with its transparent touchscreen panel. The inquisition begins: FTC prods 9 … The GLAS smart thermostat, which is built by Johnson Controls, is losing its key Cortana integration. Setup. The GLAS smart thermostat monitors and reports indoor and outdoor air quality so you can manage and be aware of the air you breathe. After demonstrating their Cortana virtual assistant for cars and home last May, Microsoft is now unveiling GLAS. The thermostat is just the latest example of Microsoft pushing its voice assistant in the smart home. Glas is now available to order for $319. Glas, built by Jonson Controls and powered by Microsoft's Cortana, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, is a smart thermostat that sticks its thumb in the Nest thermostat's eye. It’s a good thing it looks so eye-catching because that’s the biggest reason to buy this smart thermostat. Featuring a vibrant translucent OLED touchscreen, the clearly smart thermostat maintains a comfortable space while it saves energy and monitors air quality. This year, you can add the JCI GLAS to the mix. Cortana seems to have lost the ability to control my GLAS thermostat. It has Cortana and Alexa built-in. For easy voice control, GLAS works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. Glas will still function as a smart thermostat in all other ways, but Microsoft's assistant will no longer feature. 'As the inventors of the first thermostat, Johnson Controls has innovated once again with GLAS. (Microsoft Photo) Microsoft’s Cortana will soon be removed from the Johnson Controls GLAS smart thermostat… I'm a huge fan of the GLAS thermostats that I just installed in my house. The GLAS smart thermostat is the most beautiful smart thermostat to hit the market since Nest shook the industry out of its complacency back in 2011. Microsoft and Johnson Controls first revealed their plans for the Windows 10 IoT Core powered GLAS smart thermostat that worked exclusively with Cortana all the way back in July 2017. Unveiled in a YouTube video Thursday, GLAS (pronounced "glass") is the result of a … Features Comfort & Energy Savings Temperature setpoints for heating and cooling Create weekly schedules and let GLAS … 0. Johnson Controls' GLAS thermostat caught the eyes of Microsoft enthusiasts with its choice to integrate the company's Cortana voice assistant and the product's beautiful transparent design. It was a breeze to install the two thermostats. Moving forward, you will still have access to other voice assistants to control your thermostat through the Works with functionality of Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. The GLAS smart thermostat was to be Cortana’s big expansion in the connected home, but the stylish glass HVAC controller is losing Microsoft’s assistant it has quietly warned owners. Here's what's changing: The Microsoft Cortana voice assistant will no longer work on your device. The smart thermostat 'knows when you're in the room, and when you're not,' and 'intelligently changes its settings' to save energy. While thermostats have never been the nicest-looking equipment, they are starting to look better, with products like Honeywell’s Lyric and Google’s Nest really stepping it up in the aesthetics department. It will be voice controlled, using the Cortana system. With nothing changing on my end, commands such as: Set the thermostat to heat or Set the temperature to 74 now result in Cortana replying back "I couldn't find thermostat." GLAS is a smart thermostat that rivals Nest and Honeywell\'s Lyric. The GLAS smart thermostat powered by Microsoft’s Cortana. Built with Microsoft Cortana and works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. or "I couldn't find temperature." GLAS smart thermostat will come with Cortana built in. Yes, I’m talking about the Johnson Controls GLAS thermostat. January 5, 2018. Utilizing Windows 10 IoT Core, Cortana voice services, and Azure Cloud, GLAS is a simple to use, elegant thermostat that brings leading energy savings and air quality monitoring to everyday spaces. Main; Business. Microsoft and Johnson Controls have a new, Cortana-powered thermostat called GLAS. As the inventors of the first thermostat, Johnson Controls has innovated once again with GLAS. Created by Johnson Controls, the firm behind the very first electric room thermostat, Glas will depend upon Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things) Core operating system, and will be one of the very first thermostats to feature a Cortana integration. The Glas Smart Thermostat monitors air quality and adapts to your schedule; mobile connectivity with free GLAS mobile app available for smart phones and tablets on both iOS and Android. Johnson Controls Cortana-powered thermostat to work with Alexa, Google Assistant. It turns out the Johnson Controls GLAS thermostat, now available for preorder, is built with Cortana… Cortana is integrated into the thermostat so you can use your voice to easily adjust your space, in addition to understanding indoor and outdoor temperature and learning about the current weather forecast. GLAS tracks indoor and outdoor air quality while Microsoft’s Cortana provides voice control with visual feedback. Sad end for Cortana here, and an extra hassle or two for users. Johnson Controls GLAS Puts Cortana In A Sleek Smart Thermostat. Indoors, GLAS provides real-time reporting on humidity, total volatile organic compound (tVOC), and equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO2) levels. Glas … Soon, your GLAS smart thermostat will go through a software update. Move over, Nest. Glas creator Johnson Controls announced that an incoming software update will wipe Cortana from the thermostat entirely. My GLAS thermostat review is going to cover its features, installation, and comparison with other thermostats. It has Cortana built in, so you can speak directly to the Glas thermostat to adjust temperature, ask Cortana anything, and now even access Alexa by saying, “Hey Cortana… Microsoft states that GLAS features a combination of Azure Cloud, Cortana voice services, and the aforementioned Windows 10 IoT core. Microsoft's Unveils GLAS, a Stylish Cortana-Powered Thermostat. Previously, these commands worked properly. The Redmond-based computing giant have teamed up with Johnson Controls. GLAS smart thermostat has received Alexa and Google Assistant updates before pre-orders were taken. For example, just say, “Hey Cortana, set the temperature to 68 degrees,” and GLAS will adjust the temperature in your space accordingly. The Creators Update to Windows 10 IoT Core, which the company released in March, allows smart appliances with screens to run Cortana.It's possible GLAS is intended to show you what you can do, and it might be an indication that you'll soon be seeing a lot more smart gadgets featuring Cortana. Once touted as the only Cortana-powered thermostat, Johnson … Facebook accused of building off Xernox technologies. Step aside, Nest: Microsoft just unveiled a Cortana-powered thermostat. And just like Nest before it, GLAS manufacturer Johnson Controls has taken an approach no other thermostat maker has to date: It has embraced Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant. Microsoft's Cortana-powered thermostat is totally gorgeous. The GLAS thermostat, from HVAC company Johnson Controls, is very similar to competitors from Nest or Ecobee. They made the world’s first electric room thermostat. Johnson Controls revealed GLAS—a simple-to-use, yet powerful smart thermostat.Designed by the same company that invented the room thermostat, GLAS leverages more than 135 years of insights in building control systems to create a thermostat with an efficient and modern perspective.

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