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single or double jigs are fine chartruse colors are great . REND LAKE AREA TOURISM COUNCIL For corrections or additions to this site contact: Rick Linton (314) 580-2577 email: Our experienced guides, have over 25 years of knowledge combined. Rend Lake Fishing Report – southern illinois fishing report There are entire channels which are completely choked and closed on account of the weeds, said Madsen. Stay up to date on the current fishing conditions for Rend Lake, Lake of Egypt, and Kinkaid Lake. It is off of I-57 about 15 miles south of Mt. Crappie, Fish that I have been catching are in 2-6 foot of water on weed edges casting a jig and bobber or minnow and slip bobber early in the morning or in deep water 15-20 foot deep on brush when the sun gets higher. guided fishing trips to Rend lake and other great southern Illinois lakes. Fatty Information is a new section whereby we present practical fly fisherman knowledge such as fly fishing knots, fly patterns, tapered leader formulas, tippet rings, strike indicators, drift boats, nymph fishing, euro nymphing, knots for fly fishing, best fishing sunglasses, etc. Rend Lake. The area on the left side and top of the photo is the IDNR Rend Lake Fish and Wildlife Area. Officials gave the following recommendations when fishing in the area. Unlike normal, where it only takes and hour to limit, we had to work for the full 4 hour trip each day but the 3 of us got our limits each day. The Rend Lake Fishing Report can be accessed every Friday, March through November on the Rend Lake Facebook Page. Please contact the office of responsibility for the Rend Lake are you are visiting for the latest update on open/closings or limitation on Rend Lake. Catfish are being caught on stinkbaits, shad gut, nightcrawlers and leeches. These lakes provide fisherman with the opportunity to catch numerous fish as they have an abundant Crappie population. Many of the sites have been updated in the past ten years with new electric, sewer, and water. The Choo Choo division will take on Lake Guntersville, the Gator division heads to Lake Okeechobee, the Illini division opens their season on Rend Lake, the South Carolina division competes on Lake Wateree and the Volunteer division will tackle Lake Chickamauga. var _Hasync= _Hasync|| []; Whittington • 17 ft • 2 persons . January 28, 2013 Posted by: Boneyard Fishing its all good on rend lake . His account of the fishing success on the giant lake may have been accurate, but not necessarily complete. bass are dki. Book your 2020 trips now! Rend Lake is an excellent Illinois lake for fishing catfish and crappie. Burton's Outdoor Guiding LLC was created to offer Channel Catfish trips in Southern Illinois, specifically on Rend Lake. Financial Reports. Anyone catching crappie at Rend lake recently since the cold weather moved in? I have been guiding full time for many years, it is my only job! The Rend Lake Fishing Report for the week of December 11, 2020. Corps Lake S Fall Fishing Action To Soon Riverbender. The fish are in there winter pattern and biting good. Crappiextreme is Rendlakes best fishing guide service. Minnows are producing better than jigs. Fred Mooney . Over 37,000 acres of public and federal fishing waters greet visitors each year in this six county area. Rend Lake: 1 fishing charter available . 11 reviews. Species Fishing Reports from Rend Lake. In case you have never eaten a Crappie, it may be the best tasting freshwater fish there is. State record crie caught at kinkaid lake b and crie another big year for rend lake anglers state record crie caught at kinkaid lake b and crie. Come see beautiful Rend Lake in southern Illinois! Updates On Access And Catching Coho B Crie Lead This. Many of the sites are nice and wide with plenty of privacy. Rend Lake Fishing Report 10 16 17 Benton West Frankfort Illinois News Franklin County. Fred Mooney . There are four different campgrounds with multiple loops in each one. At 12,690 surface acres of water and nearly 5 times the size of Illinois lakes like Lake Kinkaid, Rend offers a less diverse number of species. Mark Burton has been fishing over 50 years and now he is bringing that knowledge to serve you on a lake he grew up on. The Master Plan. Reviews of Fishing in Rend Lake. I was born and raised within a few miles of Rend Lake and have fished it my entire life. Fishing report labor day weekend illinois fishing calendar 2019 another big year for rend lake anglers water full text b and crie, Full moon fishing service rend lake whittington updated 2020 winter is top time for fishing at rend lake riverbender state record crie caught at kinkaid lake local news oklahoma weekly fishing report north texas e news updates on access and catching coho b crie lead this. Rend Lake in southern Illinois is an Army Corps of Engineers facility. In addition to fishing, there are boat ramps & rentals, along with areas for … Stay up to date on the current fishing conditions for Rend Lake, Lake of Egypt, and Kinkaid Lake. range, with the average catch being 2.5 lbs. Crappiextreme is Rendlakes best fishing guide service. Mar 14, 2018 Whittington . Days are limited and booking fast call now to make sure you get your preferred days and get in on the fun! At Over 19,000 acres, Rend Lake is the second largest lake in Illinois. Currently fish are being caught on stake beds and brush piles in 5-12 feet of water. All Rights Reserved. Publications. Call to set up your trip 618-472-4763 or Book Online. We are catching crappie in 8-14 feet of water on brush, stumps, and stake beds. Back to Previous Page Fishing Report for Rend Lake. You can expect to use a variety of baits depending on what they are hitting best at the time. For more info on the Corp’s fish report. Rend Lake, Kinkaid Lake and Lake of Egypt have numerous fish in the 10 to 12 inch mark and several up to 15+ inches. Not rain nor wind can ruin the fun with Capt Fred. Vernon. Rend Lake in Southern Illinois is top fishing and recreation lake of the Lincoln State where boaters come from around the Country to catch large fish and relax. Are the bridges producing crappies? The Ina Boat Ramp and area around it is on the lower right edge of the photo. That’s right, it is over 3 miles wide and over 10 miles long with plenty of inlets and secluded hideaways. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); fi.e on bama rigs and jerk baits _Hasync.push(['Histats.track_hits', '']); Bring your family and friends to fish with us and see what Rend Lake … Jun 17, 2020 Whittington . Thinking about Christmas? Rend lake fishing trips Rend lake fishing trips Rend lake fishing trips. Nov 14, 2019 - Rend Lake. Casting your cares away: Catfishing with veterans on Rend Lake Fishing is the reel deal when your guide is “Wild Bill" Casting away your cares . Being on the water has risks. Jeff Sundin Fishing Report July 13, 2020 "Upper Red Lake Fishing Reports" “Everybody that’s returned to the dock have come in with their walleyes.” So said one of the camping guests at Roger’s Resort on Upper Red Lake on Sunday. Minnows are the most effective bait. New prefab bath and shower houses were also added in many locations. There is no fishing report this week. Updates On Access And Catching Coho B Crie Lead This . We want to ensure you have a fantastic fishing adventure. Rend Lake: Some anglers are still catching crappies in shallow brush while others are targeting fish in cover 8-12 feet deep. Saturday 1/4/2020. REND LAKE AREA TOURISM COUNCIL For corrections or additions to this site contact: Rick Linton (314) 580-2577 email: Showing 1-1 . egypt crappie are biting shallow on the warm end . At Rend Lake, fishermen can catch large mouth bass, crappie, bluegill, channel catfish and white bass. There are 2 people looking at this charter. 12/10/2020 . Fishing. Rend Lake Fishing – It’s Legendary Southern Illinois has been called the “Great Lakes of Southern Illinois and for good reason. In October the fish go into a fall feeding frenzy to fatten up for winter. Rend Lake Fishing Guide Service for crappie. Rend Lake is a reservoir located just 3.8 miles from Benton, in Franklin County, in the state of Illinois, United States. Reviews of Fishing in Rend Lake. Spillway Group Area Rend Lake Recreation Gov. _Hasync.push(['Histats.fasi', '1']); ROD AND REEL CATFISHING on Rend Lake, you can expect to catch Channel Catfish within the 1 lb. I also work with many other guides to accommodate larger groups and specialty guide trips. mark middleton. Crappie, Been catching fish in 9-15 foot of water on brush, timber, and laydown, Operated by Fast Track Media Group | © 2019 Rend Lake Fishing Guides. Home: Services and Rates: Meet Us: Slideshow: Discounted Lodging: Fishing Report: Channel Catfishing: Contact Us Rend Lake crappie fishing report. _Hasync.push(['Histats.start', '1,4346230,4,0,0,0,00010000']);

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