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If you are living or wanted to move in Michigan, here are few crazy laws that you must know and fully understand. Crazy Laws in Michigan . Stupid Laws from the state of Mississippi. Adultery is illegal, but can only be punished upon a complaint by the affected husband or wife. Location: Clean Jokes > Stupid Laws > Mississippi Dumb Mississippi laws and humor, relating to many aspects of the state, its weather, and its people. “When there’s no copyright notice, it is not copyrighted” This really is most likely the finest myths in internet copyright laws and regulations and rules. TEXAS Dumb State Laws It is illegal for one to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel. 50 dumb laws in America. November 20, 2020. Thousands of web sites list “Dumb Laws” or “Stupid Laws” for cities and states around the U.S., including Minnesota. Utah has its own batch of weird or unique laws, from causing catastrophes to throwing snowballs. Even though many of these laws are ridiculous and not enforced for obvious reasons, … Weird Laws. Every state has its own quirks, and Louisiana is no exception. Most of the laws formulated by the relevant authorities are designed to ensure safety of the citizens of a certain county, city, region, state or a country. The validity of these laws have not yet been confirmed. Below is a list of real funny, silly, stupid, and dumb laws in mississippi. Sometimes though, laws can get a bit out of hand, weird even. And other times these crazy laws exist without logical explaination. In Dyersburg it is illegal for a woman to call a man for a date. Even though this really was true formerly, most regions now follow what’s known the Berne copyright convention. Mississippi's laws are so bad that its anti-LGBTQ law isn't needed to allow discrimination By German Lopez @germanrlopez Updated Apr 5, 2016, 2:55pm EDT Share this story One may not drink in a bar from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. St. Louis. Como. See more ideas about Weird laws, Dumb laws, Stupid laws. Added on August 6, 2020 Whitney Russell driving laws, rules of the road, traffic laws, weird car laws in mississippi No Comments Top 5 Weird Car Laws in Mississippi There are truly some wacky laws out there There are truly some wacky laws out there. Sources: Codes, 1892, 1257; Laws, 1906, 1333; Hemingway's 1917, 1066; Laws, 1930, 1097; Laws, 1942, 2330. Whether these laws were enacted to prevent personal injuries, reduce workers’ compensation claims, or avoid some other type of lawsuit, it is clear that these crazy California laws were created for specific reasons that are just dumb enough to make you question why. They may have made sense when they were written, but today they seem a little questionable, weird or just plain dumb. Codes, 1892, § 1298; Excelsior Springs Hard objects may not be thrown by hand. Posts about dumb laws written by Curt Crowley. Every state has its share of dumb laws. Laws that seem to make no sense, and that make you genuinely question why anyone would make such a law. Horses are not to be housed within 50 feet of any road. Sec. Here are 42 crazy laws from around the world. Weird Laws Random Facts Law School Funny Signs Mississippi Dumb And Dumber Southern Heart Hearts. Mississippi's Dumb and Crazy laws. Uploaded 01/01/2010 Mississippi • Adultery or Fornication (living together while not married or having sex with someone that is not your spouse) results in a fine of $500 and/or 6 months in prison. Seduction of female over age of eighteen by promised or pretended marriage. Read ON, You’ll be amazed at some of the laws still in … There’s the Civil Rights Act of 1964. On November 9, 2016 It’s no secret that every state has weird laws left on the books from decades ago, but Georgia has some laws still around that will leave you wondering why they were ever a law in the first place. Telephone communications, improper language, harassment. 2. Here are 10 of Utah’s most strange and bizarre laws. Silly Laws in Mississippi. Worrying squirrels is not tolerated. There's no doubt about it: There are some crazy, bizarre state laws that exist in the United States. Cattle rustling is punishable by hanging. Laws are in place to make sure society continues to run smoothly. Some of the odd laws passed in the United States are listed here. Most folks know that under Mississippi DUI law, it’s illegal to operate a vehicle on Mississippi roadways with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or more. 1. It is illegal to not drink low-quality milk. (a) No person shall: (1) Engage in or institute a telephone call, telephone conversation, or telephone conference, with another person, anonymously or otherwise, and therein use obscene, profane, vulgar, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature or threaten any illegal […] Some of the laws I came across are just in specific cities, but there are several that are statewide laws. That said, there still are some weird laws, usually from an earlier day and age, that remain on the books at […] Keep reading to learn what wacky law is enacted in your state. A state law prohibits the seduction of a female over the age of eighteen by promised or pretended marriage. Some of our favorite weird California laws include the following. 8-136. Mississippi Law Welcome to the Mississippi Laws section of FindLaw's State Law collection. Enjoy the list. And it seems every state in America has at least a few of them. Of course, state laws carry all sorts of standard prohibitions against murder, theft, and so on, so forth. Full Text of the Law 97-29-55. Law Summary A man may not seduce a woman by lying, and claiming he will marry her. Dumb Mississippi laws, clean, updated often, and filtered for the best quality. It is illegal to carry Skunks into the state. • Cattle rustling is punishable by hanging. mississippi Dumb Laws. This section contains user-friendly summaries of Mississippi laws as well as citations or links to relevant sections of Mississippi's online statutes.Please select a topic from the list below to get started. Source: § 97-29-55. New Recent Dumb Laws. There are quite often laws, such as the dumb laws in Indiana, that makes one wonder why would anyone have to take the pains to formulate nonsensical laws […] Maybe you have even broken one of the laws, unknowingly, and will get a laugh. It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a … 1. Read about the dumb laws from the state of Mississippi. 3. Dumb Missouri Laws Buckner In this small town of only 4,000, yard waste may be burned any day except Sunday. South Mississippi. Generally, laws are passed for the common welfare and safety of the people in a community. You can probably think of a few laws off the top of your head. In honor of New Hampshire scrambling to close a loophole that allowed pregnant women to kill people, here are seven weird laws that we have right here in Missouri! The single largest collection of dumb laws and stupid laws. )In St. Louis it is illegal for an on-duty firefighter to rescue a woman wearing a nightgown. This list contains some funny & crazy laws which are still in force. The definition of “dumb animal” includes every living creature. There’s the U.S. Constitution, all the way down to the 27th amendment. Clotheslines are banned, but clothes can be draped over a fence. It is illegal to kill a dog using a decompression chamber. Kansas City Minors are not allowed to purchase cap pistols, however they may buy shotguns freely. Lots of states have laws that restrict various activity on Sundays, but in Iowa, it's illegal to sell automobiles or RVs on Sunday. Aug 11, 2016 - Explore Kenna Patterson's board "Weird laws" on Pinterest. 25 Dumb Laws in Georgia. Historic Homes & More; The 50 Strangest Laws in America These laws seem too weird to be true, but they're indeed on the books. Some of them made maybe sense when they were written, but today they seem more than questionable, weird, silly or just plain dumb. #DUMB LAWS IN MISSISSIPPI; #funny; #mississippi dumb laws; #stupid; #funny laws in mississippi; #stupid laws in mississippi; stupid jokes made to make me laugh. In an effort to keep o ur readers informed, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a few Louisiana traffic laws that may be considered uncommon or unusual. The Lion’s Club says white cane laws exist in almost every state in the U.S. What the penalties are The penalties for the violation of this law are: … Search: Show: More States | All Laws | All Verified Laws Only. In Jackson, Mississippi it is a gainst the law to have wire cutters in the glove box of your vehicle but you can have them in the back due to cattle rustlers Source: internet: We’ve spent time researching some of the weirder Minnesota laws mentioned and have found that for the most part they are fictitious. Below are dumb laws submitted by visitors. Persons may not be drunk on trains. Some of these old laws have been on the books for centuries, many times they are outdated and not current for today’s society.

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