agroforestry systems and practices pdf

Xeromorphic agroforestry system: It is the dryland agroforestry in arid and semi-arid areas, e.g., Agroforestry practices in Africa. This is the case when the trees in an alley-cropping system are allowed to grow into a fallow and cropping is discontinued. constraints with a view to identifying research needs and extending. Objectives The main purpose of this study was to document the farmer preferences on agroforestry practices INTRODUCTION Agroforestry practices offer practical ways of applying various specialized knowledge and skills to the development of sustainable rural production systems. Hydromorphic agroforestry system: It referes to agroforestry in the wet lands or in waterlogged areas, e.g., acquaforestry, paddy cultivation with fish culture. of these systems, as well as analyzes their merits, weaknesses and. Key words: Agroforestry, practices, concepts, sustainable, land use systems. Regulation 1305/2013 defines agroforestry as “land use systems in which trees are grown in combination with agriculture on the same land”. Agroforestry systems and valuation methodologies: an overview 2. Agro-forestry is recognized as a … conservation of authoctonous livestock in agroforestry systems. In agroforestry systems, there are both ecological and economic interactions between the different components.1 Forest and landscape restoration is “an active process that brings people together to identify, negotiate and implement practices that … However, the implication here is that improved or new Agroforestry technologies that are introduced into new areas should also conform to local farming practices. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers. The content of this book represents the work presented at the seminar by scientists, university professors, and government technicians, as well as Agroforestry definitions, objectives, potential and distinction between agroforestry and social forestry; Forest definition, classification of forest types, status of indian forest and their role in farming system; Different agroforestry systems, subsystem, practices, afs classification, afs on … Components of Agroforestry agroforestry technologies preferred by the small-scale farmers in Kenya. iii. VI HH had more land and significantly higher number of trees per hectare (P=0.000). the system to other areas. ii. arrangement or temporal sequence. Simultaneous agroforestry systems can be transformed into sequential agroforestry systems. A summary account of some of these e'ten­ sively practised agroforestry systems and practices is given inTable 2. Agroforestry, the deliberate integration of trees with agricultural crops andor livestock either simultaneously or sequentially on the same unit of land, has been an established practice for centuries. Special emphasis was also put on agroforestry systems and practices for the sustainable management of forest lands. Abstract. Agroforestry is a relatively new word for an old set of practices means that, in some cases, Agroforestry has already been accepted by the farming community. A more detailed definition is that agroforestry is “the practice of deliberately integrating woody vegetation (trees or shrubs) with crop and/or animal (For a more detailed account of the woody species involved, see Nair, 1-8. In the next cropping cycle the trees are severely pruned to minimize competi- Four agroforestry systems notably; home gardens, pastoral live fences, coffee plantation crop and woodlots, were identified in Kirumba. This study was designed to assess the preference of small-scale farmers in agroforestry technologies and practices in Kenya as per the objectives below. They also had significantly higher agroforestry income … 2.

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