native milkweed by state

Slim-leaf milkweed, Green comet milkweed, overflow:hidden; *Prairie milkweed- A. sullivantii, *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), Green comet milkweed, *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), Tuba milkweed, #wpsm_accordion_734 .wpsm_panel-default { *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa). *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). *Green Antelopehorn/Green milkweed- (A. viridis), This plant is listed by the U.S. federal government or a state. Mead's milkweed, Engelmann's milkweed, Long-leaf milkweed, *Prairie milkweed- (A. sullivantii), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Rolfs' milkweed, Description: Also known as Green Antelopehorn Milkweed, this perennial has white flowers – mostly one per plant and lacks the “horns” seen on Antelopehorn Milkwed. *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), *Aquatic milkweed- (A. perennis), Common Milkweed. *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), #wpsm_accordion_734 .wpsm_panel + .wpsm_panel { Bract milkweed, *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Native milkweed is the one food source for monarch caterpillars. Emory's milkweed, *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Pallid milkweed. Heart-leaf milkweed, *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca) *Antelope Horns - (A. asperula), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), Michaux's milkweed, *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), A Guide to the Native . *Zizotes milkweed/Sidecluster - A. oenotheroides. Please confirm species listed are native to your area before planting. Make it a goal to include a few plants of at least one native milkweed type to help the monarchs. *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), Photo Credit: Beautifulcataya, Flickr Creative Commons, Native Range: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV. Clasping milkweed, *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), Growing Conditions: Shade intolerant, needs sunlight, medium water use, moist soil, Plant Size: Generally 1 ½ – 3 ft (46 – 91 cm) but can reach 6 ft (183 cm) under favorable conditions, California Milkweed. *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Michaux's milkweed, } *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), *Swamp milkweed-(A. incarnata). *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), Clasping milkweed, Milkweed 4 Monarchs offers a diverse selection of affordable native Milkweed species for your state. Clasping milkweed, Four-leaf milkweed, *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). width: 100%; Four-leaf milkweed, Growing Conditions: Needs lots of water, shade tolerant, moist to wet soil, Antelope-horns Milkweed. *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), California milkweed, Red milkweed- (A. rubra), *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Clasping milkweed, Four-leaf milkweed, *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), Oklahoma improve planting success with native milkweeds. Source: USDA Plants Database as of November 15, 2017. *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Aquatic milkweed- (A. perennis), *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), Plains milkweed, Four-leaf milkweed, } Hall's milkweed, Maryland Largeflower milkweed, Plains milkweed, Oval-leaf milkweed, Description: Also known as Narrowleaf milkweed, this perennial has narrow, whorled leaves with clusters of greenish-white flowers, often tinged with purple and blooms June to September. Clasping milkweed, *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata). Plains milkweed, Hall's milkweed, Pinewoods milkweed/Sandhill milkweed, Click on a place name to get a complete protected plant list for that location. *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), Pinewoods milkweed/Sandhill milkweed, *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), Pallid milkweed, Idaho Mojave milkweed, Oval-leaf milkweed, *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), Most plants available to consumers through the horticulture trade are cultivated forms that have been selected for modified flowers or foliage, compactness, or other ornamental characteristics. Butterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa. Green comet milkweed, *Broadleaf milkweed- (A. latifolia), *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), An illustrated flora of the northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions. *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Dwarf milkweed, Fewflower milkweed, *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), *Swamp milkweed-(A. incarnata), *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), Red milkweed- (A. rubra), Slim milkweed, *Prairie milkweed- (A. sullivantii), Red milkweed- (A. rubra), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Dwarf milkweed, Sand milkweed, *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Description: This tall perennial has large balls of pink or purplish flowers that have an attractive odor. *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), *Prairie milkweed- (A. sullivantii) Welsh's milkweed, *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Spider milkweed, *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), Four-leaf milkweed, *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), Milkweed milkvetch, *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), *Green Antelopehorn/Green milkweed- (A. viridis), Michaux's milkweed, Maine *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), Sperry's milkweed, Dwarf milkweed, Redring milkweed. Growing Conditions: Needs sunlight, cold and heat tolerant, moist soil, low water use, Plant Size: Matures to 4 ft (122 cm) in height. *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), *Green Antelopehorn/Green milkweed- (A. viridis), Green comet milkweed, 1. Cutler's milkweed, Tufted milkweed, *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa). *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), Four-leaf milkweed, Connecticut *Swamp milkweed - (A. incarnata), *Tropical milkweed - (A. curassavica), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Sand milkweed, Source: USDA Plants Database as of November 15, 2017. *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), Pinewoods milkweed/Sandhill milkweed, Plant Milkweed The good news is that planting milkweed is one of the easiest ways that each of us can make a difference for monarchs. Horsetail milkweed, *Aquatic milkweed- (A. perennis), *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), Whitestem milkweed, Engelmann's milkweed, Longhood milkweed, *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Zizotes milkweed/Sidecluster - (A. oenotheroides). #wpsm_accordion_734 .wpsm_panel-title a:focus { *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), Sand milkweed, *Green Antelopehorn/Green milkweed- (A. viridis), Green comet milkweed, *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), Horsetail milkweed, *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata), Alaska Pinewoods milkweed/Sandhill milkweed, *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), Green comet milkweed, *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), *Broadleaf milkweed- (A. latifolia), *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa). *Prairie milkweed- (A. sullivantii), *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Clasping milkweed, Slimleaf milkweed, *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), *Swamp milkweed - (A. incarnata), *Green Antelopehorn/Green milkweed- (A. viridis), Clasping milkweed, Four-leaf milkweed, *Aquatic milkweed - (A. perennis), Michigan Native Milkweed Planting and Establishment in California. *Green Antelopehorn/Green milkweed- (A. viridis), Hairy milkweed, Since the non-native Mexican milkweed is perennial and does not die back like most of our native milkweeds, it builds up high concentrations of the protozoan. *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), Mexican whorled milkweed, Savannah milkweed, Green comet milkweed, *Aquatic milkweed- (A. perennis), color:#000000 !important; Red milkweed- (A. rubra), *Antelope Horns - (A. asperula), Missouri display: block; Plains milkweed, Wheel milkweed. The Sunshine State is home to more than twenty species of milkweed, almost all of which are native. Woollypod milkweed. Longhood milkweed, *Broadleaf milkweed- (A. latifolia), *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), Plains milkweed, *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens), border-top-color: #199b12 !important; Heart-leaf milkweed, Pinewoods milkweed/Sandhill milkweed, Woolly milkweed, *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), *Broadleaf milkweed- (A. latifolia), Mojave milkweed, For those working to Save Western Monarchs by planting milkweed in California, please refer to our fact sheet Native Milkweed in California: Planting and Establishment. Slim-leaf milkweed, Plains milkweed, Pinewoods milkweed/Sandhill milkweed, Green comet milkweed, Pinewoods milkweed/Sandhill milkweed, Description: This perennial has large, oval, blue-green leaves and spherical clusters of rose-colored flowers. The site offers a list of native milkweed by state as well as information on where to buy seeds for many of the varieties. *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Written and illustrated by the 2nd grade students of East End Elementary School in Little Rock . Plains milkweed, *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), Prostrate milkweed Native Milkweed by State Indiana Butterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa. *Prairie milkweed- A. sullivantii, *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), Description: Also known as Spider Milkweed, this perennial is clump-forming with stems that are densely covered with minute hairs. font-size:17px !important; *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca) Bear Mountain milkweed, *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), South Carolina *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca) , *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Clasping milkweed, Montana Four-leaf milkweed, Red milkweed- (A. rubra), Heart-leaf milkweed, *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Rush milkweed, *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), Mead's milkweed, *Showy milkweed- (A. speciosa), *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), North Carolina Native Milkweed Species. *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Green comet milkweed, Michaux's milkweed, Clasping milkweed, Horsetail milkweed, Oval-leaf milkweed, *Redring milkweed/White milkweed- (A. variegata), *Green Antelopehorn/Green milkweed- (A. viridis), float: none; Uniting all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world. *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). } *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), *Aquatic milkweed- (A. perennis), Four-leaf milkweed, *Butterfly Weed milkweed- (A. tuberosa), text-transform:none !important; Arizona Native Milkweed Species. *Whorled milkweed- (A. verticillata). Four-leaf milkweed, Mexican whorled milkweed, Clasping milkweed, *Swamp milkweed- (A. incarnata), Description: Also known as Green Antelopehorn Milkweed, this perennial has white flowers – mostly one per plant and lacks the “horns” seen on Antelopehorn Milkwed. In order to keep many species in the Milkweed Market available, we rely on local seed collections from across the country. *Common milkweed- (A. syriaca), padding-right: 15px !important; *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), *Giant milkweed - (Calotropis procera). Rusby's milkweed, border-radius: 4px; Colorado *Poke milkweed- (A. exaltata), Emory's milkweed, Photo Credit: Joe Decruyenaere, Flickr Creative Commons, Native Range: Central and southern California. *Purple milkweed- (A. purpurascens) Common names are from state and federal lists. margin-bottom: 20px; Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, comprehensive campaign to help save the monarch, Photo Credit: Anita Gould, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Beautifulcataya, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Tom Potterfield, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Seth Anderson, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Lynette, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Joe Decruyenaere, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Dan Mullen, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: NatureShutterbug, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Tom Hilton, Flickr Creative Commons, Photo Credit: Pinke, Flickr Creative Commons, The Elwha: A Roadmap for River Restoration Across the Northwest…, Five Actionable Ways Municipalities Can Support Black, Latinx and Indigenous…, Bipartisan Defense Bill Begins to Address Toxic PFAS Chemicals, Energy Efficiency: A Win for Wildlife, Your Wallet, and Public…, Three Cheers for 50 Years: Celebrating the EPA’s Dedication to…, Education Newsletter December/January 2021, Fish Eggs to Fry Zooms into Virtual Classrooms, Spider-Man vs the Real Deal: Spider Powers, For Beginners: Four Can’t-Miss Ways to Attract Birds to Your….

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