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Brodsky Quartet

Daniel Rowland (violin), Ian Belton (violin), Paul Cassidy (viola), Jacqueline Thomas (cello)


This concert presents a staggering mix of songs built up over our long-standing relationship. Songs from jazz and blues classics to folk, classical and rock; all receive a fresh look in new arrangements.

Charlie Wood

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Charlie Wood and Jacqui Dankworth present an intimate evening of the songs of Duke Ellington and other classic songs.  Two sublime voices in harmony singing the songs of great composers. Charlie is the 136th person to receive a Brass Note on Beale street, Memphis Tennessee and is now garnering rave reviews for his new album “New Souvenirs” out on Perdido Records co – produced by Jacqui and Charlie.

Butterfly’s Wing Quartet

Jacqui with David Gordon (piano) , Chris Garrick (violin) and Ben Davis (cello)

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The quartet project, entitled ‘Butterfly’s Wing’, creates a stunning sound-world and meeting of minds. A unique chamber jazz group of four virtuoso musicians.  David Gordon and Jacqui’s  collaboration provides the thrust of the material, masterfully arranged by David, specifically for these unique performers giving the group its greatest strength. They perform mostly original music with some new arrangements of classic songs such as Weill’s “September Song” interspersed throughout the program.